The Stardance Trilogy (#1-3)

By Spider Robinson

Rating: 3 stars

Of the three books in this omnibus volume, I definitely enjoyed the first the most. That one seemed to have the same sort of ethos as the Callahan’s stories, and the same sense of empathy. I felt that that got somewhat lost in the other two volumes and in particular, I found the protagonist of the second book somewhat annoying and difficult to relate to.

The idea of dance and art more generally was quite central (it being the Stardance books, after all) but I’ve never really been able to appreciate dance to a particularly high level. In particular, I’ve never found it particularly expressive of abstract concepts, something which is quite central to these books. I guess that’s a failure of imagination on my part, though.

It was slightly uncomfortable having Chinese people be the villains across all three books. Admittedly, they were all members of the same family across time, but still, it felt a little uncomfortable to read, but it still felt a little off.

If I were to score each book individually, it would be 4 stars for Stardance, 2 stars for Starseed and 3 stars for Starmind.

Book details

ISBN: 9781416520825
Publisher: Baen
Year of publication: 1997

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