By Alan Moore

Rating: 5 stars

Upon re-reading this book, I was struck by how cinematic it was at times. Particularly near the beginning and the end, some of the pages felt like they were using the tricks of the cinema (very well!) so I can see just why it was so tempting to film it. Still, there’s just so much here, with its multi-layered story, including to mention the parallel Tales of the Black Freighter story and the extracts at the end of each issue that the film would inevitably not be able to fit it all in.

The depth of the characterisation is wonderful to read and Gibbons’ art really draws you in. For me, the second reading also added a lot to it, finding a lot that I had missed or not entirely understood first time round.

Book details

ISBN: 9780930289232
Publisher: DC Comics
Year of publication: 1987

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