Witch Hat Atelier, Vol. 7

By Kamome Shirahama

Rating: 4 stars

In volume 7 of this ongoing series, Beldaruit the Wise tells Coco the story of how Qifrey came to be his apprentice, leading to her making a break for the Tower of Tomes, all bookended by Olruggio and Qifrey having a heart to heart. Coco, presented with a problem with two options at the end of the last volume ends up striking her own path, something which shines a light on her personality and the sort of witch she’s going to be. We get a little standalone story about Olruggio doing some work for a local lord, and that conversation at the end, along with Qifrey’s actions, undo a lot of work in the middle of the volume and make me suspect his motivations (and more!) all over again.

The art is as adorable as ever (even if I do have to rely on the hairstyles to distinguish the apprentices) and the story definitely seems to be moving apace. Qifrey’s actions definitely mark a change in the reader’s perception of him, and, along with learning about his tragic past, make me suspect there’s going to be no good outcome for him. I’m still enjoying the story and the characters a lot. I look forward to see where it goes next.

Book details

ISBN: 9781646510788
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Year of publication: 2021

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