Ever wanted to strip CSS tags out of your HTML code? No, neither have I. However, having a program called DeCSS which does something different from the DVD decoder confuses the hell out of those nasty MPAA folkSmiley.

This DeCSS is a small PERL script that removes all CSS tags from your HTML pages. If you're looking for the "other" DeCSS, you'll have to look elsewhere. Although I don't think that I can get sued by the American film industry here in Britain, I don't want to risk linking to the "other" DeCSS. However, when I did a search on Google (just to see if I actually could find it), I was able to get it on the first page.

You can find some information about the "other" DeCSS at this PigDog Journal article.

List item Download DeCSS (zip file, 14K)
List item Download DeCSS (tarred gzip file, 11K)

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