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As well as the Windows 9x programs that I have written, I'm a bit of a Java fan and have written some some programs in that language. You can find the only one which is actually (just about) working (RajCal) on it's own page, but while I was writing these, I wrote some utility classes that made development a bit easier. These are what you will find on this page, collectively found in the package com.raj.extensions.



In my opinion, the java.util.Calendar class that comes as part of the standard library is missing a few functions that I needed, so I extended it myself, and will now make my extensions available publically from this site.



As part of my work, I have needed to be able to send emails several times from within Java, but Sun's JavaMail API seemed bloated and too large and cumbersome for what I wanted, so I wrote a simple class that encapsulates an email message. It basically just opens a socket to an SMTP server and writes an email directly to it. There is also a graphical interface that I wrote for it when I was a bit bored, called MailSender.


Browser Dectector

This is a JavaBean that allows you to detect the browser, version and platform of a user agent in a JavaServer Page (JSP). I needed one of these when I was doing some work once and I couldn't find a Java version (although there were plenty of JavaScript ones!) so I ported a PHP browser detection script that I found.



This contains several utility functions that I found that I constantly needed when I was writing this or that program, so I abstracted them to this utility class. This has five methods in it:

All the classes included in the package are documented with JavaDoc, which is included in the package. The documentation can also be read online here.

Note: I have used these extensions for my own personal use and cannot guarantee that they have been thoroughly tested.


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