System Requirements

To run RajCal you need any machine that has a Java Virtual Machine. These are available for Windows, Linux, several flavours of Unix, Macintosh, BeOs and many other operating systems. Check out for details. Detailed instructions for installation are supplied for Windows users, everybody else has to make do with a sketchSmiley.

Description and history

Have you ever wanted a no-nonsense program that would remind you of regular events at startup? Well, if you have then RajCal is for you. I don't doubt that something 'wonderful' like Outlook can do this (whilst simultaneously juggling chainsaws and eating fire, no doubt). But Outlook is a virus-prone, stupidly large piece of bloatware. I wanted something much more lightweight.

Unfortunately, despite searches, I wasn't able to find something like this on the web. Well, I thought, I've spent a year learning Java. I'll write one myself. It can't be that hard. A few months later (having dealt with exams) I sat down and wrote one in a couple of days. RajCal was born. However, this initial version had one major flaw – it relied on a Microsoft Access database to hold event information. I decided that that I could live with this and started using the program for my own use.

Then, in my final year at uni, we learnt some nifty stuff about Java Object Serialisation (JOS) and effectively built our own (very simple) object-oriented database. I did see the possibility of reusing both code and what I had learned here in RajCal but what with assessments and work commitments, never actually got around to it. Then, during my Easter break that year, I finally decided to sit down and rewrite the darned thing. This is the final product.

It's not great (I'm no expert in Swing) but it does what I want. It's got a nice monthly view, so you can enter events just by clicking on the appropriate date and it will warn you of events 7, 4 and 1 day in advance.

Instructions on installation and usage are included in the package. The source code is also available if you decide that you want to extend or modify the program yourself. Just send a nice email to

here to download Download RajCal (26K)

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