I wrote this program to randomise my Windows Startup and Shutdown screens. I thought that I would try and keep my programming skills alive, a full summer without any programming would leave me totally lost next year. The programming is pretty terrible, my computing tutor would probably have had a fit, but he didn't see itSmiley!

RandomLogo was written in VB3 and since this programming language was created in about 1993, before Windows 95, it isn't exactly optimised for that O/S, this couldn't be good, since it will only used under Windows 95 Smiley. If I can get it re-compiled using a newer version of VB, I will upload the new version to this site.

System requirements: RandomLogo has been tested under Windows 95 and should work under Windows 98 and Windows ME but has not been tested. It will not work under Windows NT.
You need to have vbrun300.dll in your windows\system directory. This file should come with Windows, but if you are not sure if you have it or not, download the file which contains this file rather than

Click here to downloadDownload (236KB).
Click here to downloadDownload (17KB).

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