Walruscount is a small Java program for, um, counting lines. Why?? I hear you all ask, well, I was bored. And I wanted to know how many lines of code that I had written at work. Y'see, WalrusCount was specially written to count lines of source code. As such, it is extremely user-configurable to enable the user to treat different types of file in different manners.

System requirements

The only requirement that there is for running WalrusCount is that a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) be available for your platform. You can download the Java Runtime environment 1.4 from Javasoft (download for Windows, Linux and Solaris)


WalrusCount was born when I was bored one day. I wanted to build a line counter than would tell me how many lines of actual source code that I had written (yes, I was very bored!), excluding all the comments and blank lines that litter all source files. WalrusCount is my attempt to do this.



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