Mozilla Extensions

I've been a user of Mozilla-based browsers since well before Mozilla 1.0, back in 2002 and have always wanted to try writing extensions for it, but have never had the time or patience to learn or an idea to develop. Until now.


The idea is simple: highlight some text on a webpage, right-click and select "Search Wikipedia" to search for that text on Wikipedia.

Yes, Firefox can already search the web using the currently selected search engine, but if you keep a different plugin (e.g. Google) as your default, then you have to change it every time you want to do a wiki search. Also, extensions like Context Search (SeaMonkey version) encompass WikiSearch (using an appropriate Mycroft plugin), and that's fair enough. WikiSearch was more my first attempt to learn how to write and package a SeaMonkey extension while writing something vaguley useful, a purpose that it achieved (and, to be honest, repackaging it to work with Firefox took longer than writing the original code).

WikiSearch will search the appropriate language of Wikipedia depending on what the currently selected locale in the browser is (although currently only en-US is shipped by default).


0.4.1: 31 July 2008

Bump version number for Firefox 3.x builds.

0.4: 26 June 2007

WikiSearch now respects the SeaMonkey pref to open search results in tabs or windows ( This pref is SM only, so Firefox will continue to always open search results in a new tab

Improved install script for SeaMonkey – if a previous installation is found, then it won't ask where it should be installed but overwrites the existing installation

0.3: 23 June 2007
Added compatibility for ContextSearch extension
0.2: 19 June 2007
Added Firefox support
0.1: 18 June 2007
First release. SeaMonkey only