Introduction to technophobia

The obvious way to start a discussion of this nature would be to define technophobia, and who am I do defy convention? The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines technophobia to be:

Pronunciation: tek-n&-'fO-bE-&
Function: noun
: fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex 
devices and especially computers[4]

A fear of advanced technology or complex devices. This is an interesting socialogical issue and despite being computing scientists and not sociologists, we are going to try and understand some of the background to technophobia and its effects in society. The rest of this site will cover the following topics.

Social issues A look at some of the social issues behind tecnophobia
The Internet A look at technophobia and the Internet
Computer related injuries Although not strictly technophobia related, this is still an important area especially since computing related injuries can result in a lifelong fear or dislike of technology
Computing and disability The problems that disabled people have when trying to interact with computers and modern technology
HCI How human-computer interaction and interfaces relate to technophobia
Technophilia In the interests of fairness, the opposite of technophobia should be discussed to some degree as well