Welcome to a wonderful World (Wide Web)Smiley

So, you're a computer user who has loaded a web browser for the first time and you're wondering what to do now, right? Well, that's what this site is just about to do. There has been much media hype about the Web and "home pages" and how much information is available at the touch of a key and so on and so forth, but what is a home page and the Web and all the other buzzwords that are around at the moment. Well, there is no general definition that I'm familiar with, but a website is usually accepted as being a group of pages that are connected in some way while a homepge, depending on the context, can represent either the front page of a website or a small website, usually of an individual.

By now you're probably getting totally impatient at all this theorySmiley and are probably wondering how to access this "wealth of information". Well, it's quite simple:
the normal text of this page is yellow but some areas are underlined in pink. When you move your mouse pointer over to these areas, it turns into a hand. If you click once on these areas while the mouse is a hand, you will be taken to that location - for Windoze, sorry, WindowsSmiley - users, it is similar to clicking on an underlined piece of text in a help file. This can happen either on a piece of text or on picture, the text will always be a different colour from the normal text, but a picture may or may not have a coloured border. So why not try it out.
At the bottom of this page - and every page in this guide to the 'Net, there is a table containing 6 links.

You should go through all the pages in turn ignoring all links (i.e. the blue text) in the main text until you have read all the information contained in this site, then you can visit the "The End" page and go net-surfing! Note: to make this easier, after all external links there is a world icon ( Link), avoid clicking on these links. Any links without this world icon will take you to somewhere within this document, so you can use those safely.
As an example, if you want to visit the "Origins of the Internet" page, click on the corresponding text in the table and to return here, select the "Main page" link, but you should go through row by row, from left to right.

Bullet icon Main Page Bullet icon The Origins of the Net
Bullet icon Web Browsers Bullet icon Search Engines
Bullet icon Downloading Files Bullet icon The End