Search Engines on the Web

The Internet may contain all this amazing and useful information, but it's no good if you can't find it, is it? This is where Internet Search Engines come in. These are web pages that allow the user to enter certain keywords to and then will match any files containing these keywords.
For example, if I wanted to find all web pages containing the words University of Glasgow, I would enter that phrase into the page's form and press the Search button and be presented with all entries containing that phrase.

After reading the rest of the introduction, you should come back here and try it for yourself, by clicking on one of the highlighted search engines below and you will be taken to that search engine. Enter any phrase that you want, for example, "Star Trek", "University of Glasgow" or whatever interest that you have. Once the serach engine completes its search, it will present it on another page.
Note: If you enter a phrase, most search engines will not return that exact phrase, rather any page that contains all those words. For example, if I enter "Star Trek Images", then I will get back all web pages that have the words "Star", "Trek", and "Images" in the description. To search for an exact phrase, put the phrase within double quotes (""), for example to search for my home page, one would type "Rajnish Bhaskar". You can then go to whatever page that you want by clicking on the blue entries.

Once you have finished, use the Back button (as described in the section relating to browsers) to return to this page.

There are several search engines available, and which one that you use is a matter of personal preference. I, personally, use GoogleLink icon, but others include:

A popular use of search engines is to locate software and other files that can be downloaded by users.

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