Here you will find all my links to personal websites that I liked and other links that I find useful and enjoyable. Have fun.

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Personal Homepages

Being exactly what it says on the tin

Link Stuart 'Stevie' Leitch's Disaster Area has been reborn from a home of short stories and various comedy bits and bobs into a blog on software engineering.

Link Jo's Homepage is where to go if you have a burning desire to catch up on particle physics research at the ZEUS collaboration. Oh, and there's some poetry and limericks as well. Jo is Dave's wife.

Link Dave's Website is, as he says, his online presence in the world. He's also Jo's husband.

Link Permutation City is Matthew Caryl's homepage. Lots of stuff on computing, books, role-playing and more.

Link Joy's homepage has lots of nice jokes, SF stuff and her personal thoughts on her religion (Christianity).

Link You can find Olaf Bond's portfolio of art on his website.

Link Jennie's Place is Jennie Kermode's website. It's frighteningly frank and one of the few personal homepages that I know off to truly deserve the name.


Media Links

Being links to sites relating to various TV, radio, and film sites

Link H2G2 is the official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy site, formerly run by the BBC. From contributions from visitors, it's building into a comprehensive encylopedia of everything!

Link The official Red Dwarf site is as slick and well presented as you would expect with all the latest news as well as images and lots of other stuff.


Web Portfolio

Being websites that I have designed

Link Strabane Grammar School – my former school (I ran the website from 2000 to 2005).

Link Bella Revois – a friend and goth model (WARNING: some adult content).

Link TBD Magazine – not only did I design the website for TBD, but I was its production editor.


Miscellaneous Links

Being links that don't get any other classification

Link Check out for the official site of one of the best radio presenters in Britain. Nick can currently be found on the Real Radio network in the UK.

Link Please visit Starting Point, since they were nice enough to add my site to their directory.

Link This NASA site has all in information that you'll ever want to know about the International Space Station

Link I've never had any time for creationism, and in this well written and well reasoned article from Scientific American, John Rennie sets out 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense. Well worth a read.