Thoughts on peace in Northern Ireland


I would like to end this discussion with the following thought:
Although I am of Indian ethnic origin, my heart belongs to Northern Ireland. I was born and bred there and my heart still lies there, despite that fact that I'm living in the City of GlasgowLink in Scotland. I love my Province; I love the land, I love the country and I love the people. I don't want to see the island that I love so dearly destroyed from within in the way that it has been over the past 30 years. When I look out of my bedroom window out at the Donegal mountains I think that this is all too beautiful to destroy, that nobody living in such surroundings could hate anything so much. But time and time again, I have been proved wrong, with almost daily news of a shooting or maiming in our Province.
For over forty thousand years, humanity has been known as Homo Sapiens – the Wise Man. Now is our chance to prove our wisdom, we can and must, live and work side by side; Catholic and Protestant, Hindu and Muslim must stand shoulder to shoulder to end the violence. I am aware that the majority of people are peaceloving, but we must educate the minority. In my opinion, we must look on a time scale of generations since the prejudices and hatreds of this generation are too deeply ingrained to change, but we can mould the minds of the young; teach them to love rather than hate. As for this generation, what I would do with anybody convicted of any sectarian offence would be to sterilise them permanently, this will remove their ability to pass their prejudices on to any offspring. Extreme? Of course, but do they deserve any more, and more importantly, does our planet deserve any less?

On this note I will end this discussion, I hope that it may have interested you and perhaps you will join our cause - wear a white ribbon, join the marches and above all – keep the faith. There will be peace in Ulster and the World. Our work, however, is to ensure that it is the peace of billions of people living and working together in harmony, not the peace brought about by the self-extinction of the Human species...

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