Thoughts on peace in Northern Ireland


I would also like to use this page to convey my thanks to the RUC and the other security forces in Northern Ireland. During all this, it is they who are trapped in the middle. They bore the brunt of all the attacks at Drumcree and too many of them have died in bombings and shootings at the hands of terrorists too cowardly to even show themselves and fight outright. The security forces have tried their best and have been attacked by both sides in this conflict. What I would have done at Drumcree is evacuate the children and then remove the security forces and buffer zone and let the damned people kill each other – and then make whoever is left pay for all the damage caused and for the callout of the emergency services and hospital treatment. Hit them where it hurts – the pocket. People – and I use that in the loosest sense of the word – who behave like savages should not be allowed the benefits of civilisation. Okay, so maybe allowing them to kill each other is a bit extreme, but I mean it about payment, why should we have to pay for their actions?

I know that the RUC and security forces have committed some terrible crimes over the past thirty odd years, and I in no way endorse these acts. A police force should be there to keep the peace, and events like Bloody Sunday did nothing to help the situation. The truth should be uncovered (which is what the Saville enquiry is attempting to do) and then appropriate action taken, but remember why the army was called in to Northern Ireland in the first place – it was an attempt to protect the citizens of the Province from attacks by terrorist organisations. By and large, I believe that it has succeeded in this task, in the face of much adversity, so cut them some slack! What happened in the past was wrong, but we have to get over it and look more to the future and how we're going deal with that. We shouldn't be continually re-enacting the past.

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