Link If you haven't read the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement, you can read it on-line

Link I recommend the Irish Times as the best online Irish newspaper. This paper has a detailed section dedicated to the path to peace in Ulster and allows you to search through it's archives for free.

LinkFor up to the minute news on Northern Ireland, see the BBC Northern Ireland news site.

LinkThe BBC also has a special Peace section of it's site relating to the search for peace in Northern Ireland. This is an excellent site for background reading on the current process as well as it's major players.

Link A nice, slightly light-hearted look (if such a thing is possible) at the Northern Ireland peace process that talks to the man on the street can be found at Megastories

Link Peace Day is a page promoting World Peace.

Link The Nobel Prize Internet Archive. Winners of the Nobel Peace prize and other prizes from 1901 to 1997.

Link One of the most important stages towards any lasting peace is tolerance. Tolerance of religious, political and social views. is an organisation dedicated to promoting understanding and tolerance between religious groups. They explain and provide a balanced and objective view of differences between religions, focussing particularly on Christianity. I can't recommend this site enough!

Link Mick Fealty's Letter to Slugger O'Toole is a weblog focusing on "notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture". A nice, and frequently updated, perspective on NI.