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The Mallorean

The Mallorean; David Eddings; ISBNs unknown

  1. Guardians of the West
  2. King of the Murgos
  3. Demon Lord of Karanda
  4. Sorceress of Darshiva
  5. Seeress of Kell

The Mallorean is the sequel to the Belgariad. It continues the adventures of Garion, Belgarath and Polgara about 2 – 3 years after the events chronicled in that book and basically concerns Garion's son and how Garion and company must save him from an evil worse than the god Torak. The quintet also sheds more light on many of the secondary characters that were introduced in the Belgariad. It's hard to say more without totally ruining the plot.

I read this a few months after I read the Belgariad, thanks to a friend who owns the entire series (and the rest of the works of Eddings) and was willing to lend them to me. Although not quite as well written as the previous quintet, it was a great book and I did find myself reading it quite a lot in my spare time. It's worth reading after you've finished the Belgariad just to see what happens to the characters. If you haven't read the Belgariad, then you probably won't get many of the references to that book. Although a synopsis is provided and the major points of the book are filled in in the text, I really wouldn't advise you to read this unless you have already read the Belgariad.

I do have to say, that sometimes the characters seem to act out of the character that they were given in the first book. This can rattle somewhat, but the lapses weren't severe enough to prevent my enjoyment of the book. Basically if you enjoy fantasy and have read the Belgariad and want more of the same, then this is for you.

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