System Requirements

It may seem a bit odd having system requirements for a website. By this I mean the software that you should have to view this site optimally.

I use Javascript and cascading style sheets (CSS) extensively on my site to control the look and feel of the site centrally. CSS is a technology that is only supported by newer browsers. Therefore, to view my site in the way that it was intended, I recommend that you use Netscape Navigator 6+, Internet Explorer 5+, Opera 5+ or any other browser that supports the CSS1 specification.

However, I recommend that users of older browsers (IE4.x or older, Netscape 4.x or older) please upgrade to the newest version of your respective browser. Netscape users in particular – if you have the ability, I urge you to upgrade either to Netscape 6.2 or the current Mozilla milestone.

I am fully aware that some users are unwilling or unable to upgrade their browser and due to the way that CSS works, this site should be viewable in any browser, but it won't look particularly pretty.

Your computer should also be capable of displaying 256 (or more) colours at a screen resolution of at least 800x600 (if you're using Internet Explorer. The site looks fine at 640x480 in Mozilla.