The Wizard of Rainbows

Author: Mark A. Cropper

Reviewer: Abita Bhaskar

As a child, he lost his rainbow. As a youth, he went on a pilgrimage to discover who he really was. As an adult, he rediscovered his former magic and, after some mishaps, he uses it to help rid the world of the evil that was banished thousands of years ago but has slowly been returning.

This was a stereotypical fantasy adventure. It had the usual formula of a hero going on a quest, finding some companions along the way, learning about a prophecy and, at the end, banishing some form of evil. Unfortunately, it wasn’t written well enough to be able to carry it off. I found the writing style pretentious and difficult to read, and there were times when it seemed like a school essay. Generally the writing was very over the top and affected, but suddenly you would come across a few sentences that were downright childish and his excessive use of swearing seemed totally out of place in the story.

It’s obvious that the author, Mark A. Cropper, is a big fan of Tolkein. His work is heavily influenced by Lord of the Rings. He includes a number of songs and poems that try to be moving but are actually just boring and he seemed to use LotR as a template for this story.

Having said all that, there is potential here. There were some original ideas in the story which could be developed, and the overall writing has improved by the end. However I didn’t think this was a good book and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.