League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Director: Stephen Norrington
Cast: Sean Connery, Naseeruddin Shah, Peta Wilson

Reviewer: Douglas Perry

Well, I hope to do a better review of this film than I did of the last cinematic delight I wrote about in TBD, so here goes...

Opening in 1899 it seems, you see, that the Germans are causing death, destruction and grand theft over the whole of Europe. This requires the “League” to be assembled to try and stop this evil tyranny after a threat to kill most of Europe’s leaders when they arrive in Venice. The old, worldly-wise explorer Allan Quatermain (Sean Connery), who is uncannily a superb shot with crude 19th century rifles, is found in Africa and brought back to England to head the team (not before the “Germans” have a run in with him as well).

With Sean brought back to England to meet the head of the League who is only known as “M”, we are initially introduced to the other members of the League in a Mission Impossible-style look at their files.

With the team assembled they head off to Venice in Captain Nemo's submarine, the Nautilus... arriving, too late it seems, to stop Venice being destroyed! But no! By a quirk of fate the Nautilus has an “automobile” on board! (large rant about cars removed – Ed)

With Venice saved it seems that the League’s leader, “M”, is actually behind the whole evil plot.

So the hunt for “M” is on while they rescue the innocent scientists forced to work for him. Needless to say they succeed and there is a sentimental ending as one of the League dies!

OR DOES HE?!?!?!

Leaving it open for a LXG 2 if old Sean needs his pension topped up again!

On the whole go and see it if you like comic book adventure with some action thrown in!