Directors: Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha
Cast: Halle Berry, Lucille Bliss, Terry Bradshaw

Reviewer: Rhys Smith

In a world inhabited purely by robots, one young machine strives to better himself from his humble background by meeting his hero and the world’s greatest ’bot. Little does he know the adventure that lies in store for him in Robot City, which has been taken over by a profit-driven android. It’s up to him and a group of ‘Rusties’ to put the right man – er, robot – back in charge.

So it may not win any awards for its plot, but make no mistake, this is an excellent film. Incredible animation, brilliant dialogue and an amazing cast to back it all up. Particular note goes to Robin Williams, back doing animation after his voice work for the genie in Aladdin. Like then he was allowed free reign over the script, ad-libbing at will and with great effect. Both his spiels and his one liners are nearly always hilarious and the animated version of him, a Rustie who falls apart at the drop of a hat, only helps increase the comedic value. But he is helped by a very good ensemble of fellow comedians, including Drew Carey (another Rustie) and Mel Brooks, playing the aptly named Big Weld, the ‘world’s greatest Robot’.

However, the two leads, voiced by Ewan McGregor and Halle Berry, are somewhat bland in comparison to the mad antics elsewhere. The plot does not allow for them to be anything other than one-dimensional characters and there lies the only fault with the film. The simplistic plot is soon forgotten compared with its overall content, and as it is a kids’ film first and foremost, the hero cannot be anything over than a plucky do-gooder. Overall this is a very good film, with animation that will leave you breathless and humour that will have you rolling in the aisles. Simplistic and childish it may be, but is also a bloody good laugh!