Breeding Pea Monsters

Pea Monsters were a once noble race of creatures. I recall as a youngster listening to my mother tell me stories about them. They were a peace-loving race, a race who dedicated their lives to studying and thinking, philosophy and science. They were particularly renowned crafters and architects, capable of making the most beautiful sculptures. This allowed them to build towering cities where they dwelt, discussing the arts.

However. though they always desired peace, the human farmers who lived near them were ever jealous. The Pea Monsters had a different food to the humans. It was said that earlier generations of Pea Monster made a pact with the fairies. In return for creating a city for them to live in, they were given the secret of absorbing food from the light of the sun. To the farmers, after doing hard toil in the fields the Pea Monsters were always viewed as lazy, sitting back in their magnificent towers and doing nothing but talking. Over time the farmers grew more and more resentful and slowly began hunting the Pea Monsters. Though the Peas tried to fight back, their years of peace had made them soft and they were forced back.

Petty hunting turned to full scale war. City after citadel was put to the torch, the combustible libraries and all the accumulated knowledge lost. For miles around, Pea Monster bodies were strewn. It was genocide.

Yet fate had a peculiar twist. It was during a hot summer that the war had been fought. As such, many of the female Pea Monsters were fertile and bearing children. For some, in the late stages of pregnancy, the children they bore managed to live on despite the deaths of their parents. Yet they were not the proud and strong Pea Monsters of their ancestors. Being born without the benefits of a mother to nurture them, those that survived were stunted. They were a bare semblance of what they should have been. Their arms and legs were unable to develop, becoming useless stumps that could do nothing. They only survived at all thanks to their ability to live off the light of the sun.

You can find the complete version of Breeding Pea Monsters in issue 73 of TBD.