Slack Capital

My dear Lord Avery,
It is with no small measure of concern that I find myself compelled to write this letter. I refer to a recent bulletin posted under your name on the town notice board in Thornwood. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw what some witless forger dared to pass off as the writings of as distinguished a scholar as your good self. Of course, I tore it down immediately. I have enclosed the offending document in order that you might see what paranoid ravings are being passed off as your work by this unknown miscreant.

Your faithful servant,
Prof. Stephan Jowns (DM).

Office of the Lord Avery

Dear Sir/Madam,
It has been brought to our attention that you did recently deface/ denounce/publicly destroy an official proclamation of this Office. Your actions have been noted and your details passed to the relevant enforcement authorities. We ask you to refrain from such activities in future, as they are unlawful and punishable by a ten kilig fine and up to seven days’ detention in the stocks. Consider this an official warning.

Rudyard Gayge
Sec’y pp

Lord Avery

You can find the complete version of Slack Capital in issue 72 of TBD.

Stuart Crawford