The Cat of Dreams

“Stand up!” I order imperiously. The adults are on their knees in front of me.
“My lord,” stutters Miss Martha. “We… You must understand… I…” I wave my hand at the wigged servant beside me. “Silence!” he yells. I smile, confidently.
“You expect me to understand, woman? How you kept me imprisoned in your hell-hole for my childhood? Forbidden to know of my true home, or to learn the skills that might one day save my life?”
The three adults shivered. Not one of them met my eyes. I smiled. “Geoffries...”

And that was it. The daydream was stuck. I had them in my power, all the staff in the home, but even in my imagination I was at a loss as to what to do next. The trouble was that they weren’t responsible for all this. They were just doing their jobs, and in most cases they were actually doing a good job. It was the system that was weighing on me, dragging me down.
Still unsatisfied, I turned back to my sums. I managed to keep my mind on the work long enough to get through the exercise, then I stopped again. I put my elbow on the table and rested my chin on it. A new approach, that’s what was needed.

You can find the complete version of The Cat of Dreams in issue 69 of TBD.

Joanna McKenzie