Where Heroes Fear to Tread

“Heroes! Pah!” he spat, venomously. “Always poking their noses into other people’s business. Do you think they have this trouble when they try to construct a new particle accelerator? I expect they’ve got a hero-proofing allocation in their big-fat budgets. Bastards. I’ve had it with heroes. And that’s why I’ve had a device constructed…”

“That’ll wipe them out once and for all?”

The General paused in the middle of his declamation.

“Klytus, have you listened to a word I’ve been saying?” The smaller man flinched and took a step backward. “If I started a project like that we’d have heroic numskulls bursting in through the skylights before the day was out. No, I’ve had this construction work outsourced to a perfectly reputable firm, and what it is is my way out. I’m leaving, Klytus, for some other plane where villainy can flourish uninhibited. And the Context Editor is what’s going to make it possible.”

“The what, chief?”

“The… look, it’s in one of the big crates in the sub-basement. Follow me. And bring that crowbar.”

You can find the complete version of Where Heroes Fear to Tread in issue 71 of TBD.

Stuart Crawford