Ah! Dionysius: Part, the Second

“’Twas,” he said, “all very well to see something, to touch it, to smell it. But to appreciate it, to be really blown away by what it is...

“Now that is something.”

As Dionysus sipped the green tea of his Fathers and fondled the french fancies of his Mothers, a thought struck him. Like lightning. Only not as sparkly.

“I will,” he thought, “see this tea and see these fancies for what they are.”

This he did for three and three-quarter hours.

After this relatively lengthy tenure as Grand High Consumables Appreciator, a thought, like the first, struck him. Like lightning. You get it.

You can find the complete version of Ah! Dionysius: Part, the Second in issue 50 of TBD.

Andrew ‘Doc’ Docherty