Ah! Dionysius: Part, the Third

The Major dragged in the Corporal. The armed and orange Sentry led in the drunk Groundsman and the shady, Anaesthetist (the one with loose scruple areas). The uninvited Commi’ hordes were, of course, repelled by Dionysus’s laser-lattice security system.

Chef prepared fish-cake fingers for the Navigator and First Mate (the latter prompting the use of sandwich spread upon his share), while Nursey decided to soundproof the interior lest the Slumbering Puzzle rise from sweet slumber.

Which he then proceeded to do. (Rumour has it that the Narrator woke him up just to spite Dionysus, Musk King. “Lies”, “no comment” and “go fuck yourself” were his only responses.)

“Humph”, declared the bleary-eyed Slumbering Puzzle.

“What the hell’s going here, eh? A Slumbering Puzzle goes for a nap in this place, and everyone starts with the shindiggery behind his back!?”

Never was the Puzzle more puzzled.

You can find the complete version of Ah! Dionysius: Part, the Third in issue 51 of TBD.

Andrew ‘Doc’ Docherty