Ah! Dionysius: Part, the Fourth

Amassed upon the shore, forged Get Out Of Jail Free cards in hand and tendril alike, stood those Dionysus had fought and, of course, conquered, in Days Past.

Many a Musk had they threatened. Many a Musk had Dionysus bravely defended and saved.

But now, that they were free, all of them, the safety of Old, New, Antique and Second-Hand Musks became a variable in this Global Game to question.

“So that’s how it shall be, eh?”

The Colonel turned to the Mount Lord, raised his brow and cane both, and screamed: “HAVE AT YE, YOU BASTARDING RETUNTS!!”

The Fight, as they say, was on.


Clang! Bash! Boof! Pow!


It was then that Crackorlotielot the Bespectacled, tentacled fiend extraordinaire, lashed. Like a girl. Only not quite as attractive/hot/boy they’re great, aren’t they?

The Blow struck Dionysus upon the Ear.

“That really bloody hur-”

You can find the complete version of Ah! Dionysius: Part, the Fourth in issue 52 of TBD.

Andrew ‘Doc’ Docherty