The Blueblade Warriors

“Psst, over here.”
The creature stood on its hind legs and grabbed the bars of the cage with its meaty fists.
“Holy cow! You can talk.”
“Sure I can talk. Wanna see me dance?”
“I’m sorry?”
“Be a mate and get my gear, will ya?”
“Your gear?”
“Yeah; my stuff, my clothes.”
Basquille got up and moved towards the creature. “As a sworn Knight of the Realm I cannot help you escape.”
“I ain’t asking you to, buddy. I just need some cover for the little general, know what I mean?”
“It is a little cold. I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm to allow you to dress.”
The creature rubbed his hands together. “You’re a star, so you are.”
Basquille gathered the items and pushed them through the bars.
“You’re a knight, you say?”
“Yes sir.”
“That other guy your boss?” The creature hooked a thumb towards the woods as he slipped into his shirt.
“Finkelstone, yes.”
“Where’s your steed?”
“My what?”
“Your steed – your buck, your ride.” The creature sighed. “Where’s your goddamned horse, man?”
“I don’t have a horse.”
“No horse? How do you get around?”
Basquille pointed. “Over there.”
The creature followed the knight’s finger. “You’re kidding me, right?”
“No sir.”
“A kangaroo?”
“They are standard issue transportation in this kingdom.”
The creature let loose a well-fed laugh.
“They have a handy pocket for pencils and stuff,” Basquille said.
“Wait until my mates hear about this. We’ve got a band. Maybe you’ve heard of us – The Blueblade Warriors?”

You can find the complete version of The Blueblade Warriors in issue 57 of TBD.

Brian G Ross