Come Out and Play

Harry slunk to the furthest point of his room and cowered. Not again. Dennis Wilson and Harry Cuddon were two boys who could never be friends. Not because one was academic and the other sporty, or because one was more outgoing than the other, but because Dennis had a rotten attitude. He had taken control of the local boys from an early age and become their leader. Girls loved him, this rebel without a cause, and he had the armed backup to stroll throughout town. Petty vandalism, bullying, the occasional ruck were all second nature to Dennis. The local police were powerless to stop him: imagine – the police, with all their badges and guns, scared of a sixteen year old youth. Dennis knew this, and it boosted his ego considerably.

The boys had first targeted Harry a year previously. That first night, Harry had been naïve enough to accept their offer at face value, and was swiftly taught a harsh life lesson. From then on, the mostly friendless youngster hid in his room and cried whilst the crowd below brayed for him to come out and play with them.

You can find the complete version of Come Out and Play in issue 62 of TBD.

Michael S. Collins