Dark Red

Is this your first vision? You can now sense the underside of events: the emotions and thoughts, scenarios and agendas. They flow and flood underneath the surface of every scene. Sensation! Sensations!

They rise and overwhelm. You are drowning in millions of strands that pull at your ego and threaten to rip you apart. Strands of awareness and knowledge, that lie in the heart of emotion: everyday, everybody, everything, everywhere, everlasting and for evermore. You are everyone.

And now I bring you back. I won’t let you lose yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done this before or if this is your one and only flight on mystic wings. You know that’s not an ordinary Internet café. You know that’s not a normal bookstore. You know the people walking around aren’t all human.

You see, no, you feel the presence of a tall figure in a tattered black coat and black gloves, whose even tread in dark alleys causes the damned to run. Blessed boots and tormented mind, this one walks on a knife-edge of good and bad. It runs through this being. Recoil in shock that you can’t quite explain.

Lets move on from that particular enigma.

There are some bright lights in this city, people who stand out. There’s one now, curly red hair and white streak all tided back. She’s blind, Susie, no, Susan, ah, Sarah MacAllister, white stick and white streak. There’s her constant companion. The name comes easier to you this time. Iain Mach, a touchstone for seers and sometimes insane. Correct, they are psychic. Just like you for the moment. You’re doing well. I’m impressed by your powers.

You can find the complete version of Dark Red in issue 56 of TBD.

Lynn French