Dr Donovan’s Eternity: Part 1

It was while working as a research postgrad up at the University that I met Seeker Donovan. He was the head of the Neuroscience Department and a man of bearing, the sort of clever, energetic man for whom one has immediate regard. Being a postgrad student looking for an area in which to continue my studies he got a lot of respect from me even though, at the time, I didn’t really know him.

Sure, I knew about him. All of the senior students did. He was ‘Dynamo Donovan’, the quirky, enigmatic doctor who could juggle ten different things in his head but still have trouble hitting the right button on a calculator. Everyone knew he was eccentric, reclusive, brilliant – and working round the clock on something so secret that the blinds in his laboratory were shut all year round.

Speculation was rife. It was mind control. No, it was telepathy. With neuroscience advancing at the rate it was, with even outrageous topics becoming common knowledge seemingly every day, a project shrouded in such possessive secrecy attracted attention from all quarters. Whatever it was had Dr. Donovan’s full attention. It eventually reached the point that security had to issue the only over-night pass ever in the history of the department to him. His activity had become frantic in the three weeks prior to the morning that I got a surprise note in my department mail asking me to see him in his office.

You can find the complete version of Dr Donovan's Eternity: Part 1 in issue 50 of TBD.

Paul Davey