Dr Donovan’s Eternity: Part 2

I glanced down at the print-out. The words Elephant and Moon had both recently been formed, obviously as a result of Wally having overheard the discussion and unconsciously associating the words. No doubt he’d probably heard them both dozens of times. Hot on the heels of this was the word Dizzy. I thought, a bit smugly, Yes, Wally. Lying on your back for weeks on end will do that.

“And so, when the print-out said ‘Ceiling’ at the start of the demonstration, I thought it was talking about some internal setting. But what it was actually talking about was what Wally was seeing, or rather, recognising.”
“That’s right.”
As easy as that. I shook my head, still wondering at all this.
“So what do you need me for? Am I to be calibrated as well?”
“No, Lee. At least, not yet, anyway. Now that most of the experiments are done, I need you to help me proof the data, and write the scientific paper that I’m going to submit to the Academy of Neuroscience.”

Ahh, it was all suddenly so clear. I’d been asked to help write up reports for other academics in the department, and, looking back, had been entrusted with a fair amount of quite confidential data. At the time I thought it had been a thankless chore, but it meant that now a placement was secure - when Dr. Donovan had needed a trustworthy assistant, he’d known where to look.

Wally coughed unexpectedly and gasped, breaking my reverie. Dr. Donovan looked over at him, concerned.

“Walter, are you all...” he strode swiftly over to where the big man lay. From where I stood I suddenly saw that Wally, whom I had been ignoring all this time, was paler than normal, and sweat had broken out on his brow.

“Cah...cah...” he was gasping, “...can’t breathe...”
Dr. Donovan and I exchanged a startled look. Automatically I glanced down at the print-out, where the four brain-wave lines were going crazy. On the fifth line a single, menacing word was printed, slowly creeping from the innards of the machine into reality...Heart...

You can find the complete version of Dr Donovan's Eternity: Part 2 in issue 51 of TBD.

Paul Davey