Dr Donovan’s Eternity: Part 5

The meeting had taken longer than I’d thought. The sun had almost completely set by the time I left the Neuroscience building, and the rest of the campus was like a ghost-town. Even the hardiest demonstrators had given it up for the time being. I made my way past the quad into the main avenue. I’d take a bus, for a change, I thought. By the time I walked home I’d be freezing. I’d been waiting for a bus for just three minutes when my cell-phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket. I hadn’t been aware I’d had it with me.


“May I speak with Dr. Lee Peterson, please?”

I was confused for a second. “I’m Lee Peterson, but I’m not a... Who is this?”

“Ah, good evening, Lee. This is Seeker Donovan. I know you don’t actually bear the title ‘Doctor’ just yet. However one day you shall, and I wanted to be the first to address you by the term. I strongly suspect that I will be unable to witness you officially receive the distinction.”

Over the crackling phone line came the jingle of keys, many keys. He only had access to his own lab and office after hours, and they opened by key-pad and swipe-card. The only thing he’d need keys for were the chemical cabinets.

“Dr. Donovan...”

“Not ‘Doctor’, Lee. Not anymore. That title was originally attributed to those who benefit mankind. Academically speaking, I am an unworthy monarch. I pass the crown to you. You were born to bear it, even more than I was. I hope you do it more justice than I did. In fact, I know you will.”

You can find the complete version of Dr Donovan's Eternity: Part 5 in issue 54 of TBD.

Paul Davey