Dreaming of Incentives Pt 2

It took Yelbileusa mere moments to realise the mistake that had been made by the Tempest. Touching his head and scratching away the caked blood, Yelbileusa knew what his injury meant: the Structure had taken one step too many, extended its taloned grasp too far, and could now not possibly claim the souls it wanted. Not while it was sworn to...

Yelbileusa afforded himself a moment of dry self-satisfaction with regards his choice of window design. It was then that Aleusa appeared, now quite the shadow of its former self. Yelbileusa noticed the difference: “;I have never seen you looking quite so radiant my friend. Guess what the Structure did to this, the vessel your master must keep fresh?” Aleusa, a speechless creature by default, communicated his exuberance with a dazzling show of paleness. “;Wonderful!” exclaimed Yelbileusa, who had just that second recalled what an exclamation was, and what it felt like.

Yelbileusa then turned, surveying his room, grimacing at the state of the freshly dampened wallpaper. “;They compromised my health (if you can call it that) Aleusa. And for this, they must yield to one of the six decisions I am about to make...”

Yelbileusa furled his brow and scratched his temples. A few short moments later he did something he had not done in aeons. He smiled.

You can find the complete version of Dreaming of Incentives Pt 2 in issue 65 of TBD.

Andrew 'Doc' Docherty