Famous Last Stands

I had almost forgotten about Jimmy when the Reparative Implant research hit the big time. It had been five years since the last barbeque: I always claimed that work was keeping me away from them. I woke up, switched on the news over breakfast and sprayed cereal across the room with shock. There was Jimmy with a big smile, explaining his first successful case to the interviewer...

Frampton had confirmed it in ’09, that human sexuality was determined in utero rather than being some kind of option chosen later in life. Frampton won the Nobel Prize that year and went on to become the Galileo of our times. At the time, we talked of the implications of his findings over coffee and debated the ethics through the night, time after time.

Activists had lobbied for Frampton to stop his work for years, warning that he was opening Pandora’s box; however Frampton had refused to let his work be censored. He carried on, despite knowing that people like Jimmy would use and abuse it to their own ends.

You can find the complete version of Famous Last Stands in issue 67 of TBD.

Sacha Haworth