A Good Deal Better

The doctor observed the small room. It was insufficiently lit by a buzzing fluorescent tube. There was another, but it had failed. A clock ticked away on the wall; it was two minutes fast. There was a woman on the floor. She was crying. Nothing in the room was working properly. The doctor felt distressed.

The woman had authorisations that were needed. Needed before the doctor could continue. There were other patients also going wrong, but they could still be repaired. If only this broken woman would provide authorisation, the organs to fix them would become available. If she did not, some of them would die. There would be more weeping parents. There would be more of this frustration and less mending of patients. The doctor felt very distressed.

Why did this woman behave so selfishly? Why did she waste time like this?

You can find the complete version of A Good Deal Better in issue 55 of TBD.