Harvest of Sorrow

A rusting car sits weeping. My apologies: we remove the majority from display, but the job is rather time-consuming. Another car to remove. It would help to have people to do that, of course, but as you know hindsight is a wonderful thing and that is not going to happen. A silent street. Is it a shame our solution did not come to us before the death of the squirrels? A little bit of noise hurt no one. But these things take time, we guess.

Look to your left. See the trees growing once more. Nature has come alive full circle, and that which was dying is alive once more. It is better that way. Wildlife has a particular way of surviving, if you look closely enough. Mind you, Sir, we have properly worked that out now. The ongoing conflicts were all so interesting to us, but in the past they shall remain. And the happy trees now grow. Shame about the squirrels. We liked squirrels. They were much friendlier than your lot. All gone now, though. But there is no time for sorrow now we have scythed through.

You can find the complete version of Harvest of Sorrow in issue 64 of TBD.

Michael S. Collins