Magic’s End

The Day of the Dead is the antithesis of Magic. Magic manipulates the material, the Day of the Dead is owned by spirit-kind. And thus it was spirits – of a sort – who took advantage of that day to take control of Racktul.

Shadow-beings, they were, not human or even part human, they swarmed in from the North, hungry for blood and for control and power long denied them. The Wizards never knew how the Shadow-folk penetrated the city’s defences, for they were not unprepared for such an invasion. But penetrate them they did, in their hundreds, and on the one day when the Wizards could not repel their forces.

Hordes of shadow-beings, bright and quick and merciless, descended on the city. They fed on blood and flesh and humanity, leaving a quivering hulk of their victim. Each human shell thus formed has only enough power left to obey their commands, and becomes a slave of the Shadows. Within a day of the invasion, thousands of citizens had been transformed into wraiths, and the Shadow-folk were in control. The government was in ruins, and there was no family that hadn’t lost at least one member.

The University, where the Wizards lived and worked, was guarded by certain means which meant that, for all the ease with which they penetrated the city’s defences, the Shadow-folk could not enter. That became the centre of the Resistance. Ordinary people, hitherto afraid of Magic, turned to the Wizards for help after seeing their loved ones reduced to lifeless wraiths before their eyes. But even long after the Day of the Dead was history, the Shadow-folk remained immune to the Magic. They could not be defeated by it.

You can find the complete version of Magic’s End in issue 52 of TBD.

Joanna Hamilton