Memory Lane

It had been a tough couple of months in their pre-academy classes. They had been grilled in every possible way. Every stress and strain, nerve and thought, muscle and reflex had been tested to the extremes of human endurance and then past them. Timon’s education and history had been analysed, his home environment, social skills and combat training tested. He had pushed as hard as he could against his personal bests. Logic, ability to learn and reactions in stressful situations had been pulled as much as muscle. Timon felt on edge, shaky and sore. He had started to feel that they were being herded around like cattle. And sometimes he wondered what on earth he was doing here.

But he had to pass. It was his goal to get off-planet, and not just in a colony cruiser to settle down and sow crops. He wanted to be policing and protecting, fighting alien infiltration. It sounded so corny. He’d spent hours justifying his goals to the assessors until he’d been thoroughly fed up.

“I want to help people, be the best that I can be and do something important with my life.” His answers hadn’t impressed his assessors.

You can find the complete version of Memory Lane in issue 66 of TBD.

Lynn French