My Little Girl

My little girl. Sometimes it’s hard to even imagine where she came from.

She reminded me last night that today was her birthday. Good girl; she knows I’m hopeless with stuff like that. So that was me, all kitted out in hat and scarf and off to buy her a present. Something she’d really like.

It’s hard to remember what she likes. But who can keep up with what kids are into these days? One day something’s in fashion and the next it’ll get you drummed out of the playground for being deeply uncool. Or so they say. I’ll dispense with the “In My Day” patter, it’s enough to say that when I was a boy things certainly weren’t so confusing.

Toyshops galore, full of stuff I couldn’t even imagine as a kid; computers, remote control cats and dogs, things that can guess the word you’re thinking in twenty-five questions or less. Mind boggling. I knew to walk right past all that junk. My little girl would appreciate something simple. She’s not impressed with all these blinking lights and virtual pets.

You can find the complete version of My Little Girl in issue 59 of TBD.

Susanna Krawczyk