For I Have Seen the Heavens

Who am I? I cannot remember my name. I have been out here so long I think I have none; indeed I begin to doubt my own existence. Perhaps I am but a figment of my own imagination? That would make some sense. I do however retain some monochrome memory of a girl. Sleek black hair, with knowing eyes and white lips. She says she will wait for me. Maybe if I find her she can tell me who I am. Mind though, if she appears to me from out of the black then truly I shall know I have gone mad, or fallen prey to some other devices. I believe our friends can induce paranoia. A neat trick! I shall not fall for that one! And yet this girl fades too. All but a dream. Did she ever exist? My optimistic heart believes so, but as always my mind knows better.

You can find the complete version of For I Have Seen the Heavens in issue 60 of TBD.

Michael S. Collins