A Story from Io

For those who do not know Io is Glasgow University's resident sci/fi and fantasy society.

Now, at an Io session of by gone days, there was a misunderstanding and everyone died. At another, rather more recent meeting, a competition was held where two teams made up of the finest minds gathered to do battle. The nature of the battle? A contest of story writing.

We of TBD are now proud to present to the readers of one of such stories. The other story unfortunately caused the editor's computer to be driven insane and form a syndicate with MI5's main data banks to try and make the database of the Bank of England feel better during the economic depression.

A long time ago, in a small town in America far, far away, there was a minor outbreak of the undead rising again. Now, as you can probably imagine, this was quite a problem for the townsfolk, what with them all being related to one another. Consequently they had not enough legs or brain cells between them, but an abundance of flippers. This small ailment left most people unable to flee screaming to the hills and thus they ended up as the main course at the zombie buffet.

You can find the complete version of A Story from Io in issue 75 of TBD.