In the end, Mankind agreed that the world should be returned to God. The religions got together and organised the Ceremony; a Ceremony that would take place simultaneously on all the religious sites of the world. On the banks of the Ganges, in the temples of Jerusalem, at Mecca and the Vatican, in the open air and at all the local churches, monasteries, synagogues and mosques, the same Ceremony took place.

The form of the Ceremony varied a little according to what each religion held as holy; oil or fire, water or wine, prayers and readings or fasting and meditation. But each heart held the same message and each tongue spoke the same words, translated into a thousand languages:

In the beginning was God. God created the world and the sun, the animals and finally man. God placed Man in charge of the world and its contents.

We have gathered together here and around the world to return the world to God. We have learned from the world, and from our governance of it, and what we have learned is that the greatest thing which threatens the Earth is Man. We ask you to accept this gift for its own protection. We ask you to take charge once more and preserve this world for the future.

We are not worthy of your gift.

None of the million people who read the words aloud knew who wrote it. But as they said it, they meant it with all their heart.

You can find the complete version of Surrender in issue 65 of TBD.

Joanna McKenzie