Much like the nuke, the temporal bomb was never designed to actually be fired. It was a deterrent, and Thompson had no doubt it would work. Destroying your enemy two hundred years before they even started attacking you is a pretty effective way to deal with things, or, to be more precise, would be once it was finished. There were, after all, still some design flaws.

You see, until recently, the furthest a bomb had ever been pushed back was only three point seven seconds; a recent breakthrough, however, had changed that. A laboratory test forced it back almost twelve seconds. The scientists involved believed it was simply a matter of scale. A full sized model with properly configured power circuits should be able to make it back further. So the military set about building a prototype: the T+.

T+ has a yield of some four hundred-megatons and is expected to push back several days. To test it, the military attached it to a NeoVoyagerIV space probe and launched it out some two hundred million kilometers from Earth.

You can find the complete version of T-Bomb in issue 47 of TBD.

Robert Morrell