Your Call is Important to Us

“What’s that beeping noise?”
“Oh, that tells me that there’s another call in the queue waiting for my attention.”
“What’s that then?”
“I’m a dual-task agent. In addition to taking calls from the main pool, I have a number of individual Premium Support Customers. If you’re willing to hold I’ll answer their query, and then return to you.”
“Can’t you call me back?”
“I’m afraid this centre can’t perform callbacks. If you’d like one of our agents to call you I could transfer you to our Return Call Booking Line, but there would be a small additional charge on your next bill, and I believe the wait for a callback is seventeen hours.”

Some quick clicks on the desktop revealed the actual time while the end user thought. She could picture their mouth parts flapping beside the telephone.

“I’ve just conferred with one of my colleagues in the Outbound Centre, and they’ve confirmed that the wait for a callback is sixteen and one half hours. That would be tomorrow at half past three.”
“But I’ll be at work.”
“That’s the earliest available slot. They could call you back at a time of your convenience between ten and twenty-two-hundred hours.”
“I want my problem fixed now!”

Retroviral intelligence modification is not yet offered by her employers, nor stem cell therapies. She bites her tongue for a second.

“If you would prefer to retain me as your agent i/c...”
“eye see?”
“In charge, sorry. If you’d like to keep me on the line fixing your problem, as a Premium Support Agent with a pending call, you’d have to go through a clearing process. We’re approximately half way through your troubleshoot, and I can quickly give you some things to try while I deal with this other problem.”
“I called you, and I want to talk to you.”
“In that case I’ll transfer you through to the Allocation System. Thank you for calling Technical Support. You’ve been talking to Carol, and I’ll talk to you again soon.”

You can find the complete version of Your Call is Important to Us in issue 59 of TBD.

Andrew Robertson