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Just in case there is any such thing as a regular visitor to LordOfTheMoon, I thought that I'd finally get around to adding this easy means of checking if there's anything new since you last visited the site. This page will also note any change to the underlying technology at LordOfTheMoon.

I've uploaded a new story, well micro-fiction really, called The Prank
I've removed the hit tracker (cqCounter) since a) I never look at it any more, and b) it's still HTTP only, not HTTPS, and browsers are moving to blocking mixed content
I've made the 'Warm' theme the default, although the old 'Blue' theme is still available as an alternate theme (use the theme switcher in the navigation bar).
I have now uploaded my review of 2010.
I have migrated my blog from its previous host on Blogger to Wordpress. See this blog post for details.
I have now uploaded my review of 2009.
Added a new Speeches section to my Writings area and added both my Best Man speeches to date.
Rewrote my biography a bit and restructed the menu, demoting the Harry Potter page to an essay (why did it have its own top-level menu item anyway?). Also updated the privacy policy to remove references to a guestbook (since I don't have one any more) and link to the CQCounter privacy policy.
I have now uploaded my review of 2008.
I have now uploaded my review of 2007.
Created new subsection in the Computing section for Mozilla extensions.
I have now uploaded my review of 2006.
I have now uploaded my review of 2005.
I have now uploaded my review of 2004.
I've got a shiny new logo on my homepage, and associated navigation bar image thanks to Stuart (I'll get a link up here as soon as I get one).
Added a new essay on privacy
Uploaded version 2.0.5 of CThumb, with various bug fixes.
I have now uploaded my review of 2003.
Uploaded a new theme, Warm, following feedback from someone saying that there were no 'low contrast' themes.
I have now uploaded my review of 2002.
I have uploaded a new short story called Buttercup Blues.
I have slightly amended my privacy policy to give some more information.
I have added code to change the font size of text on LordOfTheMoon.com. You now increase or decrease the font size to something that is comfortable for you, and this should be retained after you leave the site.
I have started a new web log. Why? I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
A new version of com.raj.extensions is now available, with some minor changes and bugfixes. This can be found on the Java Downloads page. Amended JavaDoc is also available.
Uploaded CThumb 1.1, my CSS-based image thumbnail generator.
Reorganised the peace section of the site a bit since I don't update it so much. I've added a blog where I'll add any future updates to this part of my site.
Uploaded the com.raj.htmlForms package to allow the creation of any type of HTML form through a Java class
Uploaded WalrusCount, a source code line counter.
Fixed a bug in SendingMail (part of the com.raj.extensions package) to show the correct date on mail that is sent.
Well, the rewrite is complete. LordOfTheMoon.com has been totally redesigned from the ground up to remove all sign of table structure. If you're using a newer browser (preferably Mozilla) then it should look the same, but although it will still be readable in older browsers, it will look horrible (in fact, with the new design, the site should be readable in any web-enabled device, not just a web browser). I have taken this step since it brings LordOfTheMoon.com up to full web-standards compliance and increases the separation between style and content, making it easier to update the site in future. For more information on CSS and another web designer's journey, look at this A List Apart story.
Updated com.raj.extensions with a new class (browser detection script) and fixed a bug in the WindowHandler class. See the Java page
Added a new short story: Sirius
Temporarily disabled the margin controls on my stylesheet, so that the text stretches the edges of the page (making it harder to read) since the control method that I was using exposes a bug in Internet Explorer 5. I'm working on a way around this, but for the mean time, I'd rather have everybody be able to view the site while it's not at its best, rather than have a sizable minority not be able to view it at all.
Added a new short story: Max
Added the Theme switcher to the site, along with some initial themes. I'll add more as soon as I get some time (and some inspiration). Send any feedback about this feature and the themes to raj@lordofthemoon.com
Added a new book review, The Sparrow
Updated recent events page on my Peace site to reflect the actions of IRA in decommissioning weapons.
Abstracted all doctypes out to an SSI file for easy changing when I change HTML versions.
Updated all images with title attributes. If you're an HTML author and are interested in standards, see this Mozilla bug for why and how you should use alt and title.
Added new short story: The Secret Life of Hedgehogs
Added this page